Home Restaurant in Arcidosso, Grosseto

Imagine to be in Italy, exactly in Maremma, plunged in a thriving flora that makes  you forget work, deadlines and smartphone notifications, wrapped in a light breeze, far away music, all you can eat vegan food and wine: reminds you of Heaven yet? In reality this is only part of Monica’s offer, Moni for her friends, the one that after years spent in city chaos, decided to move in Maremma, to enjoy nature’s beauty in her personal oasis, the B&B which harbours  you for an evening of organic and cruelty free food.

Home Restaurant in Grosseto

Monica’s home cooking has as the main character organic food, mixed with spices and far away lands flavours and represents in a perfect way her being, deeply connected with her land but also open to the world and curious to meet people and new stories. She has already started her personal vegetable garden, therefore you could be so lucky to taste her first harvest, but, anyway, you will taste some fanciful recipies and some exquisite vegan and vegetarian food, combined with vegan organic wine.

To please your needs Monica has thought three different options, all of them in her B&B in Arcidosso. The first one is a vegan wine tasting white and red, combined with a light aperitif that, weather permitting, could be served on the restaurant terrace.

The second option is Italian traditional home cooking, so Monica will teach you the real meaning of pasta for Italians: it is part of the country history and it is in all the home made menus, but what really means pasta for a Italian?


The third option is a multi-sensorial pamper, because you could taste vegan wines, eat cruelty free yummy buffet, while listening music enveloped by Maremma’s beauty: you’ll enjoy a journey of fusion between Italian home made food and world flavours, matched with Monica’s fondness.

To check Monica’s cruelty free culinary offers  click here, to discover the real meaning of pasta here, while find here vegan wine tasting.

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