Carmen e Franca, Home Restaurant in Rome

Would you like to try Italian home cooking but your tastes are peculiar and you are scared not to find something to eat? Impossible, certainly in Carmen and Franca’s house, two sisters who thought several home menus apt to all requests, but all tied to their tradition and old family recipies.

The two sisters are completely different: Franca has worked for years in photography and therefore has travelled all over the world taking back home wonderful pictures and unique flavours, which now she likes to add to Italian cooking recipies; Carmen is a full time mum really close to her family and past traditions: her recipies are the ones mum and grandma had taught her and they are tied to Italian culinary history.

Home Restaurant in Rome


Home menus planned for Carmen and Franca’s dinner are four, in all of them you will be able to taste dishes  of Roman homemade cooking tradition, made with a personal and warm touch, to make feel at home. Their home restaurant can de light you with meat , fish, vegetarian and even vegan menus: their aim to please you is so strong that thiese charismatic sisters can Exchange the dinner for a lunch, depending on your demands.

In front of their dishes you can chat about travels, about Rome, how was in the past and how is nowadays, with Carmen and Franca’s family curiosities and their home menu’s specialities.

In this welcoming enviroment of food sharing  and tradition, you’ll feel at home, to choose the most apt menu for your tastes you can look at these data sheet:   meatfishvegetarian and  vegan.

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