Tuscany cuisine

A trip to Tuscany is always a great opportunity to relax and enjoy the breathtaking sceneries of the countryside and art of these cities, but also to fully immerse yourself in culinary traditions of one of Italy’s most known regions. Empoli is a small city easily reachable from Siena, Florence and Pisa, and is the perfect destination to attend an Italian cooking class. Having at your disposal 2 chefs who are anxious to tell you the secrets of Italian home cooking is a dream for most, but thanks to Annamaria and Federico’s unique offer, both professional chefs, your dream can become reality. You will be welcomed into their home where you will be offered a traditional Italian appetiser before starting with your cooking class, which will last about 3 hours. Your Chef’s goal is to make you feel at home, with the addition of teaching the preparation of just a few of the most known dishes of Italian gastronomy which you will eat at the end of the course all together Your home made menus can be a choice of three options: meat, fish or vegetarian.


Not many people know that Italian cuisine is full of dishes cruelty free which are inviting and delicious, which you’ll be able to show your friends as soon as you’re back home.
Annamaria and Federico will assist you in the preparation of the complete home made Italian menu, because it wouldn’t be a traditional Italian dinner without a starter, a first course with fresh pasta, a second course and an exquisite dessert, all accompanied with red and white wine. To learn more on Italian cooking classes offered by Annamaria and Federico, click here.

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