cooking classes in viterbo, Italy

Today we will take you in Tuscia Viterbese, one of the most characteristic areas of the centre of Italy and one of the richest areas for cuisine, good cooking and reception spirit. This area is placed between three regions, Umbria, Lazio and Tuscany, and its name is synonym of Etruria: this was the name given in the Middle Ages to this area divided by the Francigena road.
A holiday in Tuscia will grant you the possibility to visit evocative places like Monsters Park in Bomarzo, Bracciano Lake and Bolsena Lake and even Viterbo and Tarquinia, both breathtaking places; Etrurian heritage is still visible in Traquinia’s Archeological Museum and in Monterozzi’s Necropolis, where you can see the famous frescos known all over the world.
Tuscia, though, is renowned for the variety of its cooking, portrayed by a very long list of local ingredients, like fresh meat, honey, oil and other delicious ones; a journey in this area is the perfect occasion for food lovers to learn typical recipes, attending Fabio’s cooking course in his farmstead dipped in the green of Ronciglione, barely 20 km from Viterbo.

a cooking class in Viterbo, in Civita Castellana

a cooking classes in Fabio’s School

Fabio in his lab gives local cooking lessons, in which you’ll taste and learn to cook typical Tuscia dishes, directed by Chef himself and his assistants: recipes will be chosen for the availability of day to day ingredients, from processed meat to seasonal veggies.
If you don’t feel ready to try yourself, you can only watch the preparation, at the end you seat all together round the table for a rich meal made up of all the dishes cooked during the day, combined with some masterpieces from the creative ability of Fabio and his assistants.
The team work and sharing the meal will make even funnier and special your experience of social eating in Fabio’s home restaurant, adding unforgettable moments to your discovery journey of Tuscia and its tastes.
A unique occasion to learn Italian traditional cooking that will make your relation with our country even more special!
Click here to discover all the details of Fabio’s offer.

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