Tuscany cuisine

AnnaMaria, a Cooking School in Florence

A trip to Tuscany is always a great opportunity to relax and enjoy the breathtaking sceneries of the countryside and art of these cities, but also […]
Carmen e Franca, Home Restaurant in Rome

Carmen & Franca, Home Restaurant in Rome

Would you like to try Italian home cooking but your tastes are peculiar and you are scared not to find something to eat? Impossible, certainly in Carmen and […]
Home Restaurant in Caserta

Carmela, Home Restaurant in Caserta

Caserta’s Royal Palace is the world’s biggest and has been declared World Heritage by UNESCO in 1997: for Italians it is a typical destination to go […]
Home Restaurant in Florence

Federica. Home Restaurant in Florence

Florence’s Duomo doesn’t need introductions, it is the world’s third largest church and it is a invaluable artistic masterpiece; visiting it is an appealing experience which […]
Home Restaurant in Arcidosso, Grosseto

Monica, Home Restaurant in Arcidosso, Grosseto

Imagine to be in Italy, exactly in Maremma, plunged in a thriving flora that makes  you forget work, deadlines and smartphone notifications, wrapped in a light breeze, […]
home restaurant in Rome

Daniele & Francesca, Home Restaurant in Rome

Visiting Rome is a unique experience and nobody lives it in the same way, sometimes you have the impression to live and walk in a museum, […]