Home Restaurant in Caserta

Caserta’s Royal Palace is the world’s biggest and has been declared World Heritage by UNESCO in 1997: for Italians it is a typical destination to go for a free day, because the gardens and the palace itself are splendid and unique, but many tourists are every year enchanted by the beauty of the royal palace as well.

Not all have the chance to visit it with an expert guide who after explaining the history and curiosities of the Borbone family, she will take you home for a banquet within family: social eating better than this cannot be found!

Home Restaurant in Caserta

Carmela’s offer is unique because will blend culture to home cooking, and will give you an unforgettable 360° experience. After your guided tour, which will lasts for about two hours, you will be back home with your host , who will welcome you in her home kitchen with a little Italian aperitif, cured meat and local cheeses, followed by home made menu that will have as a main character her garden zucchine and the well widely known buffalo mozzarella DOP, a masterpiece born in Caserta area.

At the end of the meal you’ll be served a home made tiramisù, with Limoncello, other speciality typical of tradition of Campania, which will end your food sharing experience in wonderful Caserta, in such an incredible occasion to live a day with local people

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